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The Absolute Story: A Decade of Innovation

Absolute Completion Technologies (“Absolute”) is a Canadian based engineering, design, and manufacturing company focused on the development, analysis, design and construction of down hole sand control and flow control technologies. Our mission is to build better wells. Our engineers and technologists are installing Absolute’s innovative products around the world every day.

Absolute Energy Limited was started in 2002 and evolved into Absolute Completion Technologies. Sand control and flow technologies have always been an integral part of our inventive and unique product offerings; offerings that consistently demonstrate superior results in field applications.


Absolute evolved in late 2007 following an agreement with Schlumberger, the world’s largest oil field service company. The shared goal was to effectively commercialize and broaden the technical and market applications for Absolute’s unique sand control and flow control technologies. Schlumberger is now a majority investor in Absolute Completion Technologies.

Application Knowledge

Absolute’s expertise in sand control and flow control derives from an in-depth understanding of hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs, sand analysis, well completion, and production practices. We combine decades of experience in oil and gas production optimization, well completions, and engineering design to determine the right solution – whether it is from Absolute, or from other suppliers. Our engineering team and Technical Application Managers have assisted clients around the world in solving complex well completion challenges. Our goal is to build better wells; wells which produce optimally with minimum intervention and last long enough to recover all reserves.


We continue to innovate and refine our downhole sand control and flow control technologies and have developed innovative erosion control and specialized well completion products. Absolute has also developed analytic techniques, simulations, studies and test procedures to expand our understanding of these very specialized applications and to continually improve our patented and patent pending products. Currently, we have research projects at various stages looking at “drill-in” and low disturbance practices, in-situ upgrading, intelligent screen and operations in very severe reservoir environments.


Energy companies, major reserve holders and independent operating companies around the world have recognized our abilities and our capacity to provide the best possible results with the operational and sales support of Schlumberger. We want to work closely with clients to fully understand their specific reservoir challenges. Then, we can design optimal technical and economic solutions that lead to long well life, higher production and maximum reservoir recovery while minimizing costly operational remediation costs.

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