Robotic Machining Cell Unveiling - Event Recap

“The Robotic Machining Cell is 6,000 square feet and the new process can reduce manufacturing times up to 50 per cent”

-Thane Russell,  Absolute Completion Technologies Vice President, Business Development and Technology.

On April 22nd, 2015 we hosted a technology unveiling event for our new robotic machining  cell, which is an automated production cell for the manufacture of downhole well completion  tools for the oil and gas industry.

With a growing business and an increasing number of employees, this cell is an exciting addition to our capabilities. Even though this production unit can do the work of  five people, “not a single employee has been replaced by this investment” -Thane Russell.

Unveiling the Robotic Machining Cell

The event was attended by professionals within the oil and gas industry and those interested in learning more about the automated manufacturing process of well completion tools. The event was held at our manufacturing facility in Edmonton, and is the first of its kind in Alberta.

You can view coverage of the event through The Edmonton Journal and The Edmonton Sun.

Absolute Completion Technologies and Well Completion 

As a company which specializes in well completion technologies, we also value cost efficiency and quick turn-around time for  our clients in the oil and gas industry. Our  robotic machining cell was an investment to accomplish exactly that – completion tools at competitive prices, and delivering them in a timely fashion.

Facts about Absolute Completion Technologies and the new robotic machining cell:

  • Over 6,000 square feet of production space, which includes two robots that reach roughly three meters tall
  • These robots can do the work of five people, yet not a single employee was displaced, and more technological jobs were created within the company
  • The plant is the first of its kind in Alberta and was influenced by the automobile industry in Ontario