Tri-D FacsPort HP™ Dynamic Flow Control With the Highest Burst Rating Screen on the Market for High Pressure Applications

Tri-D FacsPort HP combines the advantages of PremiumPort™, a dynamically configurable nozzle based downhole inflow and injection control device, with Tri-DFacsRite HP sand control.  Fluid flows through the filter discs, along grooves in the basepipe that facilitate flow from the screen sections to the nozzles. The screen elements stop harmful sand from entering the wellbore. A large flow area between the screen media and the base pipe prevents erosion and any undesirable pressure losses.

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Tri-D FacsPort HP ™ is a high pressure version of Tri-D FacsPort with identical operation  but a higher screen burst pressure rating of 3000PSI.

Tri-D FacsPort HP  integrates dynamic flow control reconfigurable over the life of the well with Tri-DFacsRite HP™ sand control for well completions where liner OD are critical. The flow control capability is configured at the well site for either flow control or injection control with nozzles that are installed within each PremiumPort™ unit. Multiple PremiumPort units can be installed with either screen or blank joints between them. After deploying the liners, the multi-position valves within PremiumPort units can be shifted to close or open nozzles as required using the Harrier Tool™ run on coil tubing. This flexibility allows operators to change the pressure profile along a lateral repeatedly over the life of the well.

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The Challenge

Higher pressure reservoirs require completions that ensure screens are robust enough to withstand both deployment and operational load forces.  Operators want assurance of reliability and performance in completion systems so that long well life with minimal intervention will be required.

Tri-D FacsPort HP
Tri-D FacsPort HP

The Solution

Tri-DFacsPort HP is the high pressure version of Tri-DFacsPort providing reliable dynamic flow control and sand control for high pressure Applications:

  • The factory applied disc retention rings increase the burst rating for screen sections to 3000psi.
  • The proprietary seal design used in PremiumPort maintains the integrity of the interior of the sliding valve thus ensuring consistent, reliable and safe operation during multiple manipulations over the life of a well. The seal design eliminates the risks of seal washout from sudden high pressure differentials, or seal erosion by solids during opening, closing or stimulation operations.
  • When the Harrier shifting tool is latched to the PremiumPort valve, the valve position is shifted by moving the work string upwards or downward. Retractable keys are staged by an increase in differential pressure created by increased circulation or pumping pressure. The keys only release after the valve reaches the desired position, and then they automatically disengage. The keys allow the work string to release from the valve without depressuring and while pulling out of the hole
  • CrossFlow or SecureFlow nozzles installed in ports for high pressure inflow or injection control applications are made of Tungsten Carbide and may also be coated with Titanium Nitride for maximum erosion and corrosion resistance. Each flow port and/or nozzle is isolated by the proprietary seal design.

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Tri-D FacsPort HP Applications

Tri-D FacsPort HP has the same functionality as Tri-DFacsPort but screen sections are designed for higher pressure applications with the factory  applied addition of disc retention rings.




Higher Well Productivity
• Greater OFA (0-23% of base pipe) than wire wrap or slotted liner
• Maximum retained permeability yields minimum pressure drop, thus higher productivity
• Extend well life with superior sand, erosion, corrosion resistance

Versatile Completion Geometries
• Large ID/OD ratios for flexibility in well design and for applications where the liner OD is a critical factor
• Larger operating windows based on wider application stress limits

Weld Free Filter Media Manufacture
• Greater strength and lower product cost relative to wire wrap and conventional Premium screens

Tri-D FacsPort HP Options Available

Flow Control

Multiple PremiumPort tools can be integrated with sections of sand control for dynamically adjustable flow control along the lateral as required.

 Sand Control

Tri-D FacsRite HP scan control discs are available in fine, medium and coarse weaves. The screens sections can be tailored to the formation performance and completion cost, and the harshness of the reservoir conditions by selecting the material for discs and base pipe, disc size and disc distribution density:

  • 3/4 inch (190.5 mm) and 1 inch (254 mm) diameter discs
  • Standard corrosion resistant 316L Stainless Steel
  • Corrosion resistant alloys such as Hastelloy™ or Inconel™ A20 or A625
  • Filter elements can be installed in client supplied base pipe