Harrier Tool

Premium Port™ Valve Shifting Device

The Harrier tool performs manipulation of the PremiumPort multi-position valve.  By changing the valve position, ports within the PremiumPort assembly can be opened and closed. The ports can be configured for stimulation, injection or inflow with flow control nozzles. The nozzles are configured at the wellsite prior to deploying the liner into the well using reservoir simulation software and logging data. The Harrier tool and PremiumPort have been field proven in both production and injection wells.

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Imagine having the ability to change the pressure profile along your horizontal well multiple times over the life of the well.

Imagine being able to do so quickly, easily, and reliably by actuating  ports and nozzles that have been configured to allow you to shut off or open zones, or carry out stimulation, injection control, or inflow control as the well ages.  PremiumPort dynamic flow control devices integrated in your completion allow exactly that flexibility. The Harrier tool is the  unique tool that allows downhole manipulation of a valve within PremiumPort that when shifted exposes or closes ports and/or nozzles for various applications.

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The Challenge

As horizontal wells age, the pressure and production profile across the wellbore will change. Operators need to complete wells with flexible technology that will allow them to refracture, shut off zones, block areas of erosion, and modify inflow control regimes in order to continually optimize well performance.

Harrier Tool
Harrier Tool

The Solution

The Harrier tool is a coil tubing or jointed tubing conveyed tool uniquely designed to allow fast and accurate manipulation of the PremiumPort valve to three different positions. Designed and proven at pressures typical of hydraulic fracturing (>10,000 psi), the Harrier tool selects valve positions accurately and quickly in any sequence and as many times as required with as little as two inches of movement.

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The spring/piston loaded activating keys that engage to shift the PremiumPort valve are compartmentalized within the Harrier tool to prevent solids from impeding the mechanism. Zero tolerance scrappers are incorporated into the design of the keys and pistons so there is no entry point for solids.

A pressure increase activates the keys, and jetting clears solids from the valve throat. The keys can latch on either side of the valve and are designed so they cannot release until the valve has fully and properly shifted, which gives 100% assurance of the valve location. Upon re-entry of the well, or for sequentially setting the valve, if the current valve position is not known, a simple, fail-safe and sequential procedure will determine the valve position.

  • The valve can be manipulated to a new position is less than 30 seconds
  • The movement from position to position is less than 2 inches

Harrier Tool Applications

The Harrier tool is used with the following dynamic flow control solutions from Absolute Completion Technologies:


Tri-DFacsPort HP







The Harrier tool is uniquely designed with the following advantages:

  • Any valve position can be achieved in any order in one trip while concurrently stimulating or gravel packing a target interval
  • Retractable keys are staged by an increase in differential pressure created by increased circulation or pumping pressure
  • When the shifting tool is latched to the PremiumPort valve, the valve position is shifted by moving the work string upwards or downward
  • The keys only release after the valve reaches the desired position, at which time they automatically disengage
  • The keys allow the work string to release from the valve without depressuring and while pulling out of the hole