PremiumPort is a patented downhole adjustable injection and inflow control technology. Its unique valve and port system allows operators to dynamically manage the pressure profile along horizontal wells in order to drive optimum well performance. Multiple PremiumPort units can be deployed along the lateral to manage complex reservoir intervals along extended laterals. The valve and port system can be actuated repeatedly for a variety of production and injection operations over the life of the well.

The valve can be shifted to activate ports in any order, with manipulation time of approximately 30 seconds. A full bore unrestricted ID greater than the liner drift ID creates a large flow through area to accommodate high flow rates and future remedial well operations.

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PremiumPort consists of a multi-position valve integrated with either two or three ports, which can be left as simple openings, or configured with nozzles for flow control applications. Using reservoir modelling, ports can be fitted at the wellsite with a nozzle (ICD) suitable for either injection or inflow control. The Harrier™ shifting tool,  run on coil tubing, is used to shift the position of the valve to expose different port configurations.

The figure below shows FacsRite sand control (section of black on the left, with discs of media) integrated to the PremiumPort tool (middle blue) with its multi-position valve (right black) shifted to the right to expose the inflow control nozzles (small orange) at the end of the flow path from the sand control media.

PremiumPort 3OCI Image 1

The Challenge

Drilling extended reach lateral wells to access more reservoir area is now a common industry practice. Long horizontal wells encounter widely varying formation characteristics. Different zones along the lateral contribute differently to overall well productivity and may even be thief zones absorbing fluids instead of allowing them to be produced into the well bore.

The formation characteristics can change as the well ages, leading to water influx and sand influx which can be costly to remediate. When remediation fails the operator may face catastrophic failure of the well long before optimum reserve recovery as been possible. For all of these reasons, operators need innovative completion strategies that are designed to allow different techniques to be applied during liner deployment, initial production, and as the well ages.


The Solution

With PremiumPort, shifting the position of the full-bore valve sets the ports to be either closed, open, or a combination of open/closed. Applications can include:

  • Stimulation
  • Well clean-up
  • Chemical injection
  • Inflow control and balanced horizontal sweep
  • Steam distribution
  • Zone shut-off
  • Multiple sequential operations

PremiumPort can be configured with a variety of nozzle styles:

CrossFlow – for horizontal wells with high production or injection rates, vertical wells in  consolidated formations with commingled zones of different pressures, and for high temperature steam or water injection



SecureFlow – for cyclic steam, SAGD heavy oil, high pressure gas production wells and  high pressure steam or water injection

StandardFlow – for moderate flow rate, moderate pressure wells with no downhole

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PremiumPort Performance

Reliable Valve Operation
The dependable operation of PremiumPort’s multi-position valve is based on a unique
proven design:

  • The interior surface is chromed and Teflon-impregnated to decrease friction during operation, and to prevent scale or wax build up over extended periods of  limited operation
  • Valve operation has been tested to 1500 actuations at 2000 lbs. force with no  evidence of seal degradation

Reliable Seal Function
The proprietary seal design maintains the integrity of the interior of the valve thus  ensuring consistent, reliable and safe operation during multiple manipulations over the  life of a well.  The seal design eliminates the risks of seal washout from sudden high pressure  differentials, or seal erosion by solids during opening, closing or stimulation operations.

Reliable Nozzle Operation
Nozzles installed in ports for inflow or injection control are made of tungsten carbide  and may also be coated with titanium nitride for maximum erosion and corrosion  resistance.  Each flow port and/or nozzle is isolated by the proprietary seal design.

PremiumPort Applications

PremiumPort can be used to improve the performance of multi-zone vertical as well as horizontal wells. The valve positions can be selected in any order and any sequence depending on the operational program, production results, and life cycle of the well.

  • Closed to float liner to depth with minimum torque and drag
  • Closed to shut off problematic sections
  • Open for injecting solvent, chemical, water, or acidizing
  • Open with large ports to accommodate high flow rates for gravel packing
  • Open for production through sand control screen
  • Inflow control to delay water coning
  • Inflow control to equalize toe to heel influx pressures
  • Steam injection in cyclic or SAGD wells to equalize toe-to-heel distribution
  • Water injection wells
  • Open and closed for high rate, high pressure stimulation through a completion while protecting sand control screen

Flow Tracing
Each valve in a PremiumPort completion can accommodate a unique, sacrificial bio-tracer which will provide surface  indication of the oil-water influx from each valve position and zone.


Single or multiple PremiumPort valves can be economically placed within each wellbore segment providing flexible port options to control flow, water coning, and to allow repeated clean up, and stimulations over the life of the well:

  • In open hole completions, treatment fluids for stimulation or well clean up can be injected either down the work string or
    into the annulus between the work string and the casing
  • PremiumPort allows circulation through the coil tubing string with access to the annulus between the reservoir
    and the liner
  • In cemented applications, PremiumPort allows initial fracing or stimulation, and again later in the well life using a different port in a new area of the same segment
  • In closed position, stimulation ports, inflow nozzles, and optional screen systems are not exposed to internal work string pressures.

The valve can be shifted to activate ports in any order, with manipulation time of approximately 30 seconds. A fullbore unrestricted ID greater than the liner drift ID creates a large flow through area to accommodate high flow rates and
future remedial well operations.

PremiumPort Options Available

Multiple PremiumPort tools can be integrated with sections of a sand control screen for dynamically adjustable flow control along the lateral as required.  Contact an Absolute Technical Application Manager for assistance in selecting the optimum sand control and flow control solution for your reservoir conditions.

MeshRite sand control integrated with PremiumPort dynamic flow control:

MeshPort note you can also integrate MeshRite HP for high pressure applications

FacsRite sand control integrated with PremiumPort dynamic flow control:

Tri-D-Weave-FacsPortFacsPortnote you can also integrate FacsRite HP for high pressure applications

Tri-D Weave sand control with PremiumPort dynamic flow control:


WireWrap Sand Control with PremiumPort:


FracFilter™ is a special design of PremiumPort that integrates fracturing control, flow control and injection control into a system that can be integrated with sand control if required and installed as a well completion liner prior to stimulation. The fracturing
port capability is one of the port positions in the PremiumPort multi-position valve system.