AimRite™ Autonomous Inflow Control

AimRiteTM is a self-modulating screen that preserves liner integrity by automatically blocking a small section of the wellbore from further production in the event of a localized failure of the filter media due to erosion. It does this without mechanical or operator intervention of any kind.

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AimRite uniquely integrates two of Absolute’s patented sand control technologies: MeshRite™ and FacsRite™ for advanced erosion control.

MeshRite and FacsRite have been field proven sand control solutions deployed in worldwide applications. Select sections of base pipe are milled and inset with FacsRite filter media disks. Alternate sections are milled with flow channels. This base is wrapped with MeshRite stainless steel wool and a perforated jacket is applied.

Formation fluid moves relatively uninhibited through the outer jacket and MeshRite media at low velocity and solids are retained. At channel base pipe sections, radial flow is modulated to linear flow as fluid moves toward the FacsRite sections and into the wellbore.

Aim Rite



The Challenge

Long horizontal wells positioned through heterogeneous reservoirs tend to develop a significant pressure drop from toe-to-heel of the well.That pressure profile can influence early water break through and production losses.

Heterogeneous reservoirs also tend to have unconsolidated sands with wide particle size distributions which lead to sand problems. Traditional sand control screens become plugged over time, which decreases the area open to flow and well productivity. Plugging of the screen causes hot spots or localized areas of increased flow velocity which become susceptible to erosion. If the filter media erodes, sand is produced into the wellbore and the integrity of the entire well can be permanently compromised.


The Solution

AimRite is a sand control system designed to be capable of autonomous inflow modulation. It is superior to the conventional practices of using multiple layers of filter media, or creating elaborate flow labyrinths to modulate flow.

MeshRite’s unique pore structure facilitates the formation of stable, unsorted, three-dimensional particle structures that resist plugging.

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AimRite Applications

AimRite is engineered to solve productivity, sand control, and erosion risk problems in:

  • High productivity reservoirs where high fluid flow rates increase the risk of catastrophic erosion failures and loss of the well with conventional sand control systems.
  • Offshore wells where intervention and remediation to remove sand or repair liners in deep water wells is extremely difficult, high risk and cost prohibitive.
  • Cyclic Steam and SAGD heavy oil well completions where steam breakthrough increases the risk of jetting of slotted liner or wire wrap screens.
  • Cased hole stand-alone screen applications, where jetting of the screens due to high rate flow through perforations may be encountered.


Reliable Well Performance

In addition to self-regulating erosion control, AimRite offers exceptional performance due to 40% open flow area, 100- 500 Darcys retained permeability, high near wellbore permeability and plugging resistance.

Long Well Life

With years of production, many small sections of the wellbore may be blocked with minimal loss of well performance, or liner integrity.

Deployment Resilience

Tough, durable and withstands high torsional, tensile, and compression forces during installation and well operation.

Tailor AimRite to Your Reservoir

Both length and open flow area of AimRite sand control sections can be customized to the specific reservoir and production requirements.

AimRite Options Available

All of Absolute’s products can be customized to specific application. Please contact an Absolute Technical Application Manger to chat about your well completion.