FacsFlux represents the first generation of passive flow control technology developed and offered by Absolute. It combines nozzle based flow control with sand control that is based on conventional Premium screen technology.


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The strategically sized and positioned nozzles are viscosity independent devices that improve the sweep efficiency along a lateral.

Nozzles also aid clean up at the toe and extend well life by delaying or preventing water breakthrough into the wellbore. FacsFlux flow control nozzles are positioned toward the end of the base pipe. The sand control sections have filtration discs flush mounted into a robust outer sleeve of variable length which is mounted to the base pipe. The result is a strong sand-flow control completion with high torsion and collapse strength. The filter elements are made of conventional Premium woven metal mesh which have proven reliable in many applications around the world.

For very high temperature, and well pressures above 1500 PSI we recommend Tri-D FacsFlux HP, a high pressure version of Tri-D FacsFlux which has the addition of disc retention rings which take the burst pressure rating of the screen to 3000PSI.  As well,  filter media discs in the screen sections are made of sintered layers Tri-D Weave™. a new, next generation Premium filter media with higher open flow area and higher plugging resistance than conventional square or Dutch weave laminates used in FacsFlux screen sections.

Contact an Absolute Technical Application Manager for assistance in selecting the most effective and most economical solution for your application.


FacsFlux Options Available

FacsFlux can be tailored to the harshness of the reservoir conditions by selecting the material for discs and base pipe:

  • Standard corrosion resistant 316L Stainless Steel
  • Corrosion resistant alloys such as Hastelloy™ or Inconel™ A20 or A625

FacsFlux sand control flow capacity can be tailored by the length of the sand control section and by selecting disc size and density.

FacsFlux Nozzle Options Include:

Standard Nozzles:

  • For moderate flow rate, moderate pressure production and injection applications

SecureFlow Nozzles:

  • For high temperature, high pressure and high flow rate production or injection applications.

CrossFlow Nozzles


  • Wells with instrumentation in the casing string that must be protected from any risk of jetting
  • Wells with high pressure fluid production to reduce the jetting velocity into the wellbore
  • Wells susceptible to velocity induced corrosion
  • Vertical wells in consolidated formations with commingled zones of different pressures Injection:


  • Thermal wells requiring uniform and high velocity, high temperature steam or water injection from toe-to-heel