MeshFlux™ Wellsite Configurable Inflow or Injection Control With Highest Permeability Sand Control

MeshFlux integrates the top performing sand screens system, MeshRite™, with viscosity independent nozzle-based flow control. Strategically positioned nozzles prevent or delay water coning, choke back any water reaching the wellbore, clean up the toe area, and equalize production across a long lateral.

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MeshFlux integrates MeshRite sand control with nozzle based flow control

Nozzle styles and sizes are configured at the wellsite based on reservoir data obtained during well logging. This allows flexibility in liner design tailored to the formation zones along a lateral.

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The Challenge

Drilling long laterals is expensive and adds complexity to completion decisions. Formation characteristics vary which makes optimizing production or injection at every lateral section difficult. Flow in the lateral begins to resemble the pressure profile of a pipeline. The addition of pumping systems to increase draw down can promote water coning, sand influx, and erosion which increase operating costs and shorten well life.


The Solution

MeshFlux maximizes well productivity by equalizing the drawdown and influx from toe-to-heel of the well.

  • Nozzles and screen are designed for severe installation and operational conditions
  • A single 3 dimensional screen media controls sands with wide particle size distributions
  • High open flow area and MeshRite’s unique pore structure ensure high retained permeability in the near wellbore area

Nozzles are viscosity independent as shown in the chart below and thus enhance oil production and delay water influx into the wellbore.

  • Nozzles-are-Viscosity-Independent


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MeshFlux Applications

  • Increase sweep efficiency by using nozzle based ICD coupled with MeshRite screen for Sand Control
  • Long horizontal wells drilled into semi-consolidated and unconsolidated formations
  • Vertical/deviated wells commingling zones with different pressures and permeabilities
  • Thermal wells for uniform toe-to-heel steam injection
  • In combination with swell packers to isolate problematic water, gas or thief zones
  • To minimize annular flow and erosion damage when formation collapse against the completion is not assured
  • Gravel pack screen with flow control


MeshFlux sand control with flow control in one completion system allows operators to extend well life and increase reserve recovery through:

  • Uniform sweep efficiency across the horizontal well Preventing or delaying gas and water coning
  • Choke off high permeability water zones
  • More effective removal of the filter cake during well clean up especially at the toe for added production
  • Removal of formation damage from drilling and completion fluids or operations
  • Large flow area below sand control media prevents erosion and unwanted flow restrictions

MeshFlux Options Available

Nozzle Styles

SecureFlow nozzles are used for high temperature applications such as thermal heavy oil production or steam injection

CrossFlow nozzles direct flow horizontally and are used to reduce flow velocity into the liner and to eliminate any concern about eroding coil tubing instrument lines, or erosion induced corrosion


StandardFlow nozzles direct flow vertically through the nozzle and are used for conventional oil and low flow velocity applications


Nozzle Sizes

  • 0.157 inch (4.00 mm) standard
  • 0.098 inch (2.50 mm)
  • 0.063 inch (1.60 mm)


Nozzle sections can be integrated with MeshRite screen and/or blank joints.

Tri-D Weave

Tri-D Weave can also be substituted for MeshRite in highly corrosive conditions. MeshRite has a worldwide track record for exceptional open flow area, plugging resistance, and well productivity. The chart below shows a sand pack permeability comparisons for a variety of sand control technologies.