Tri-D FacsFlux HP

Tri-D FacsFlux HP™ enhances well productivity with well site configurable nozzle based downhole flow control integrated with the highest burst rating sand control screen available in the market.

This robust and resilient system is engineered for high operating pressures and temperatures and designed to resist load force deformation or damage during deployment and operation in modern extended reach laterals. Tri-D Weave, a unique and recent advancement in Premium sand control media offers superior initial and retained permeability compared to traditional Premium screen technologies. Nozzles provide viscosity independent flow control tailored to the reservoir.

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Tri-D FacsFlux HP is a high pressure version of Tri-D FacsFlux

The flow control functionality is configured at the wellsite to match the formation zone requirements prior to deployment by selecting the nozzle style and size.  The high pressure capability relates to the sand control screen and is created by the addition of factory applied disc retention rings that increase the burst pressure rating of the filter media discs from 1500 PSI to 3000 PSI.

Tri-D FacsRite’s HP patented sand control discs are made of scintered layers of Tri-D Weave™ filtration media that are flush mounted and secured directly into the base pipe. Because of the unique disc insertion design and construction, the burst strength rating increases with increased temperature. The result is a very robust, trailored sand control – flow control completion capable of choking off water influx, controlling sand, and enhancing production.


The Challenge

Not all sections of a horizontal well will perform the same because of variability in the formation characteristics. Operators face the challenge of maintaining optimum hydrocarbon flow while delaying or stopping both sand and water production into the wellbore. Variable formation characteristics and particle size distributions make detailed sand analysis that is so necessary for accurately sizing gap based screens very costly. Gap based technologies are not effective with sands having broad particle size distributions. As well, running conventional gap based sand control solutions into long laterals can distort the gap structure thus degrading sand control effectiveness. During production, enhanced lift systems used to increase draw down tend to promote water coning, sand influx, and erosion – all of which increase operating costs and shorten well life.

Tri-D FacsFlux HP
Tri-D FacsFlux HP

The Solution

Tri-D FacsFlux HP is an all-in-one robust and flexible full bore flow control-sand control completion for optimizing well production. The 3-D varied pore sizes of Tri-D FacsFlux HP discs stop sand while maintaining exceptional open flow area and retained permeability at the sand-screen interface and across the screen. High permeability and high plugging resistance are the two critical factors in controlling sand without impeding flow. Unlike static systems, the pressure profile control of a nozzle based flow control system can be tailored at the wellsite. The reservoir is modelled using simulation software and well log data to quickly and accurately design the optimum nozzle size and locations. Sections with nozzles can be integrated with either sand control screen or blank joints to tailor the completion to the formation requirements. Nozzles can be on each joint, or spaced out over several joints to optimize both the completion costs and the pressure profile. The nozzles are made of tungsten carbide for maximum erosion and corrosion resistance.

A 3000 PSI burst pressure rating allows operations that are not possible with slotted liner, wire wrap, or conventional premium screens.

  • Over the life of the well, the high burst pressure rating ensures sufficiently high screen integrity to allow for high pressure well remediation and stimulation treatments
  • The high pressure rating in combination with Absolute’s proprietary process, allows Tri-D FacsFlux to be circulated in andfor the setting or activation of completion tools such as hydraulic packers.

Tri-D FacsRite HP screens can be customized to reservoir potential and cost by choosing disc size and disc density, as well as the metallurgy used in both the discs and the base pipe.

2015 Alberta Exporter of the Year


Tri-D FacsRite HP resists deformation and screen damage and maximizes well productivity with a unique and superior filter media capable of con­trolling sands with a wide range of sand particle sizes and that retains high permeability. The disc density can create an open flow area al­most double that of typical slotted liner. Even higher open flow area is feasible whereas increasing the number of slots would significantly weaken slotted liner.

Tri-D FacsFlux HP Applications

  • Alternative to slotted liner
  • Applications where a large screen ID to OD ratio is desirable
  • Horizontal, deviated or vertical wells in unconsolidated reservoirs
  • High-pressure, high-temperature and moderate – corrosion environments
  • High-temperature water injection wells
  • Horizontal and vertical Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) wells
  • Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) wells
  • Vertical or horizontal gravel-pack or frac-packs
  • Coal bed methane production
  • Under-pressured and depleted wells


Higher Productivity

  • Greater OFA (0-23% of base pipe) than wire wrap or slotted liner
  • Maximum retained permeability yields minimum pressure drop, thus higher productivity
  • Extend well life with superior sand, erosion, corrosion resistance

Versatile Completion Geometries

  • Large ID/OD ratios for flexibility in well design and for applications where the liner OD is a critical factor
  • No construction outside of the base pipe
  • Larger operating windows based on wider application stress limits

No Weld Manufacture

  • Greater strength and lower product cost relative to wire wrap and conventional Premium screens
  • Customizable to match performance and cost based on formation requirements
  • Save Rig Time and Cost
  • Float in screen by temporarily sealing discs with the WaxRite Process

Tri-D FacsFlux HP Options Available

Sand Control Options include:

  • Filter elements can be installed in customer supplied base pipe.
  • Filter media discs are available in fine, medium and coarse Tri-D Weave media depending on formation sand characteristics.
  • The filter element discs can also be made with conventional Premium weave laminates for reservoirs with more uniform sands.
  • The open flow area of the screen section can be tailored to the formation production capability and completion cost by selecting disc size and disc distribution density:
    3/4 inch (190.5 mm) diameter discs
    1 inch (254 mm) diameter discs

Tri-D FacsFlux HP can be tailored to the harshness of the reservoir conditions by selecting the material for discs, retention rings, base pipe and nozzle style:

  • Standard corrosion resistant 316L Stainless Steel
  • Corrosion resistant alloys such as Hastelloy™ or Inconel™ A20 or A625

Nozzle Options include:

Standard Nozzles:

  • For moderate flow rate, moderate pressure production and injection applications

SecureFlow Nozzles:

  • For high temperature, high pressure and high flow rate production or injection applications.

CrossFlow Nozzles:


  • Wells with instrumentation in the casing string that must be protected from any risk of jetting
  • Wells with high pressure fluid production to reduce the jetting velocity into the wellbore
  • Wells susceptible to velocity induced corrosion
  • Vertical wells in consolidated formations with commingled zones of different pressures


  • Thermal wells requiring uniform and high velocity, high temperature steam or water injection from toe-to-heel