The use of metal mesh fibres as a filter media for controlling reservoir sand production was originally researched by Texaco and the Alberta Research Council in the 1980’s. At that time, Texaco was drilling some of the deepest and longest horizontal wells in the world. Producers were trying to exploit northern Alberta’s heavy oil reservoirs made up of sands with widely varying particle sizes and shapes which could not be effectively controlled with conventional screens. Test wells were completed to evaluate this alternative to costly gravel packing in new thermal recovery wells.

Meshwool’s unique 3 dimensional irregular pore structure proved far superior to traditional two dimensional gap based Wire Wrap and Slotted Liner screens. Some of those test wells still produce today. An economic downturn drove oil to $8.00/barrel and halted development progress. In 1997, the first manufacturing process for production of MeshRite™ was patented. In 2002, Absolute Completion Technologies began commercial production. It is now installed in wells in 45 countries.

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Thane Russell, Vice President, Business Development and Technology

Thane Russell was an engineer with Texaco’s horizontal drilling team in 1988. He saw the benefits of horizontal drilling and anticipated some emerging completion and production issues. In 1995, as partner in a new company, he acquired the rights to the technology and the first commercial version of MeshRite™ was manufactured in 1997. Development stalled again in 1999 when that company with its technology were sold.

Self-described as ‘hooked on filtration media’, Thane formed Absolute Completion Technologies in 2002. He reacquired the rights to MeshRite and focused an engineering team on commercializing it. A decade later two additional platform technologies and a series of patented and proven advanced Premium sand control technologies have been invented and deployed in wells in 45 countries.

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