Premium Weave

Premium Weave sand control systems have been developed by a variety of suppliers and have been in the market place since 1991. Standard or conventional Square or Dutch Weave filtration media are made of woven metal wires that form square, or rectangular shaped pores of consistent size. The pore size can be tailored to the range of particle sizes found in the formation. To create a conventional Premium sand control system, the woven materials are formed into cylinders that are layered over perforated base pipe. The layers may also be sintered to each other. A perforated outer shroud protects the filter media during deployment and operation.

Conventional Premium screens tend to have high manufacturing costs. Plus, welding the filter media itself into cylinders increases the risks of perforation, burn through, pin holes, and faulty welds so very high quality control standards are required. While they do not have the open flow area of the irregular and angular shaped pores of modern Meshwool, Absolute Completion Technologies recognized the value of these screens in handling a wider range of sand particle sizes and shapes than traditional wire wrap and slotted liners. Through innovations in design and manufacturing, Absolute created the next generation  filter media with  Tri-D Weave™ technology that offers lower cost, higher open flow area and greater strength than conventional Premium screen.

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Premium Weave Technology

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