PumpGuard™ is a special intake screen and valve assembly that extends the life of ESP and beam pumps that are used to increase draw down in vertical and horizontal oil wells.

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PumpGuard™ Economical ESP and Rod Pump Protection

PumpGuard integrates MeshRite™, a three dimensional filter media ideal for controlling heterogeneous sands, with a unique pressure activated cone valve that is preset to open at a specific differential pressure. MeshRite is one of the best sand and fines control technologies on the market with exceptional open flow area, retained permeability and plugging resistance. PumpGuard can be designed with one valve at the end of the screen, or with multiple valves configured between screen sections to maximize pump protection and extend pump life.

The Challenge

In fractured wells, and in wells drilled into unconsolidated reservoirs, the production of proppants and reservoir sands through downhole pumps can reduce pump run life, or cause catastrophic pump failure. In addition to the cost of new pump equipment, replacing failed pumps involves expensive rig time as well as lost production time. Astute operators seek completion strategies and technologies that will extend pump life, allow them to better predict the need for well service,  and prolong the productive life of the well in order to recover maximum reserves.


The Solution

PumpGuard is a configurable MeshRite™-based screen assembly that is installed upstream of the bottom hole pump, or ESP intake. It has proven to economically extend the run life of these pumps by temporarily preventing solids from encroaching into the pump intake.

The design allows the tool to be configured to the reservoir by presetting the pressure at which the valve will open.

  • Closed mode allows operators to reduce pump replacement costs and extend pump life
  • In open mode, production continues while operators gain early notice of the need to schedule a workover and thus avoid weeks of lost production

MeshRite offers a high open flow area  of 40%, high plugging resistance and better permeability than other screens as shown in the comparison chart:


What is Particle Size Distribution? How is it used to choose screens?

PumpGuard Applications

PumpGuard is an all purpose rod and ESP pump protection system that does not require any sizing of the MeshRite screen regardless of the variations in particle sizes. It has successfully extended well life in:

  • Reservoirs with poorly defined grain size distribution
  • Reservoirs with widely varying particle sizes
  • Recompletions where screens have failed
  • Thermal and steam assisted gravity drainage wells (SAGD)


  • Extends well production time and expedites reserve recovery
  • Prolongs rod and ESP pump life and reduce the number of workovers
  • Gives operators the ability to plan more efficient and cost effective workover schedules
  • Reduces inventory since no sizing of the screen is required, even with highly non-uniform formation sands
  • MeshRite construction creates a very robust screen that is also highly resistant to erosion and plugging

PumpGuard Options Available

PumpGuard is configured to specific vertical and horizontal well requirements by selecting:

  • Valve activation pressure
  • Length of MeshRite section
  • Number of MeshRite-valve sections
  • Standard or high compression MeshRite