Tri-DPro™  Strength, High Open Flow Area,  Erosion and Corrosion Resistance for Heterogeneous Reservoirs

Tri-DPro provides the latest innovation in next generation Premium screen technology using Tri-D WeaveTM filtration media and simplified manufacturing that completely eliminates welding on the filter media. The result is a screen that has strength and resilience against load forces in horizontal wells while preserving high open flow area. It is ideal for heterogeneous reservoirs and non-uniform sands and for wells that produce at high rates, or produce viscous and/or corrosive fluids.

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Tri-DPro™  is formed by fusion bonding Tri-D Weave™ media to a stainless steel perforated shroud which eliminates welds on the media.

The bonded material is rolled into a cylinder with the Tri-D Weave media on the inside. Only the shroud seam and shroud ends are welded to the base pipe thus avoiding any risk of burn through or pin holes in the media that lead to screen failure. Tri-DPro delivers high strength against load forces in horizontal wells while preserving high open flow area for optimal well productivity.

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The Challenge

Conventional Premium mesh has square shaped pore structure of consistent size and the manufacturing process involves welding the layers of the mesh filter media itself. Welds are needed to join wrapped layers of screen media to create cylinders that can be slipped over base pipe, or to bond inner layers of filter media. To weld wire mesh seams perfectly without damage or gaps is a very difficult, time consuming, and costly process that also requires painstaking quality control inspection. Any break or unintended gap in filter media is a potential source of screen failure that can lead to sand break through, erosion and/or corrosion increasing the size of the opening and allowing even more sand into the wellbore.


The Solution

Tri-DPro significantly simplifies manufacturing processes and is an ideal high performance screen for long horizontal wells in reservoirs with highly heterogeneous sands, wide particle size distributions. Its high open flow area and high plugging resistance result from Tri-D Weave. This unique next generation Premium filtration media has high retained permeability and erosion resistance. The engineered design gives Tri-DPro strength to resist deformation under extreme load forces in horizontal and thermal applications.

Tri-D Weave filter media outperforms conventional Premium Screens in permeability, a key factor in optimizing well productivity.


Why does MeshRite have 40% Open Flow Area?

Tri-DPro Applications

The majority of reservoirs being developed with long horizontal wells are comprised of heterogeneous sands that can vary widely in particle size and shape. Tri-DPro is designed specifically to perform in these challenging environments. Tri-DPro solves sand control problems and optimizes well productivity in:

  • Unconsolidated heavy oil reserves
  • Highly stimulated unconventional reservoirs
  • High risk, high pressure deep water offshore wells
  • High temperature and corrosive wellbore environments
  • Horizontal wells in heterogeneous reservoir sands
  • Cycle steam wells with particle size changes over time


Tri-DPro Strength and Resilience

Fusion bonding Tri-D Weave filter media directly to the protective shroud allows more economical completions compared to traditional multi-layer mesh assemblies:

  • Simplified manufacturing avoids welding and potential damage to the filter media
  • Innovative design increases the structural strength, stability and resilience of the screen
  • Stable pore structure even under high deployment and operating stress loads typical of thermal heavy oil horizontal wells

Tri-DPro Corrosion and Erosion Resistance

  • Corrosion resistant metallurgies can be selected to suit high temperature, CO2, H2S, Chlorides and aggressively corrosive wellbore conditions
  • Three dimensional pore structure stops heterogeneous sands, promotes high permeability, and resists plugging and erosion, thereby ensuring long productive well lives

Tri-DPro High Flow Efficiency

Tri-DPro incorporates Absolute’s unique Tri-D Weave filter technology, which outperforms standard square and dutch weaves.

  • Superior retained permeability and plugging resistance ensures superior performance over the life of the well.
  • Irregular shaped pores and varied pore sizes control heterogeneous sands with high plugging resistance while delivering high flow efficiency, improved well performance and longevity to recover maximum reserves

Tri-DPro Options Available

 Tri-DPro is available in three weave sizes:

  • Coarse weave for larger, more uniform particle sizes
  • Medium and fine weaves are ideal for smaller, less uniform sands

Tri-DProWax Absolute’s WaxRite Process can be applied to Tri-DPro screens to temporarily seal the filter media and allow the screen to be circulated in and for wellbore clean up during deployment.

Tri-DFlux Tri-DFlux is Tri-DPro sand control integrated with passive nozzle based flow control that is configurable at the well site to suit formation characteristics.

Tri-DPort Tri-DPort is Tri-DPro sand control integrated with PremiumPort™ dynamic flow control. PremiumPort’s multi-position valve can be shifted downhole repeatedly to open or close ports that can be fitted with nozzle based flow control for injection, stimulation and flow control as the well ages.