Tri-DRite™ Corrosion Resistant Weldless High Performance Tri-D Weave Screen

Tri-DRite combines the advantages of Tri-D Weave filtration media with innovative manufacturing to produce another next generation sand control technology that is more economical and more effective than conventional ‘Premium’ screens. Tri-D Weave filter media has a unique three dimensional pore structure that delivers exceptional porosity and retained permeability. It can be woven with corrosion resistant alloys for the most challenging reservoirs. Most importantly, the Tri-DRite manufacturing process results in a weld-free sand control media.

Tri-DRite is an excellent screen for reservoirs with highly heterogeneous sands, wide particle size distributions and thermal applications.

Commercially available in 2015.

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Tri-DRite Another Innovation of Tri-D Weave™ Filtration Media Direct Wrapped Onto Perforated Base Pipe

The Tri-D Weave, a next generation Premium metal fabric, is wrapped directly onto perforated base pipe at high tension. A special edge treatment forms a screen with weld-free construction, exceptional strength and resilience under deployment and operational load forces. Available in corrosion resistant alloys, Tri-DRite is excellent for wells with corrosive fluids (H2S, CO2, chlorides, etc.) or in wells where reliability over very long periods is important.


The Challenge

Drilling and completing long horizontal wells, deep off shore wells, and thermally stimulated wells are costly endeavors and must produce optimally for a long time. Many reservoirs with heterogeneous sands can vary widely in particle size and shape which makes effective sand sampling and sizing challenging and expensive and thus limits the long term success of wells completed with two dimensional gap-based screens like wire wrap, and slotted liner. Conventional Premium screens made with welded layers of two dimensional woven laminates can outperform simple gap based screens, but they are complex, time consuming, and expensive to manufacture. Welding the filter media requires strict quality control to ensure the pore structure is not damaged and that the weld strength will withstand the significant forces encountered during deployment into long horizontal wells and during the heating and cooling cycles of SAGD and cyclic steam production.


The Solution

Tri-DRite is a simple to manufacture solution that eliminates any welding on the media that could lead to pin holes. The wrapped media is covered with a perforated stainless steel shroud. The result is a very high strength screen for horizontal and thermal applications.

Absolute is able to leverage the research, development and equipment used to produce MeshRite in the manufacture of Tri-DRite. Simplified efficient manufacture that avoids welding the media saves time and cost. High open flow area and plugging resistance give Tri-DRite a retained permeability that outperforms conventional Premium screens in reservoirs with highly heterogeneous sands and wide particle size distributions and thermal applications.

Why does MeshRite have 40% Open Flow Area?

Tri-DRite Applications

Tri-DRite solves sand control problems and optimizes well productivity in:

  • Unconsolidated heavy oil reserves
  • Highly stimulated unconventional reservoirs
  • High risk, high pressure deep water offshore wells
  • High temperature reservoirs
  • Corrosive wellbore environments


A Single Layer Filter Media

Simplified manufacturing compared to multi-layer mesh assemblies allows more economical completions.

High Flow Efficiency

Improve well performance and longevity with greater retained permeability and plugging resistance.

Corrosion Resistant

Select the metallurgy to suit high temperature, CO2, H2S, Chlorides and aggressively corrosive wellbore conditions.

Erosion Resistant

Three dimensional pores stop heterogeneous sands without plugging. The high retained permeability media resists erosion in high pressure, deep, off shore wells.


Tri-D Weave pore structure does not change under high deployment and operating stress loads typical of thermal heavy oil horizontal wells.

Tri-DRite Options Available

Tri-DRite is available in coarse weave for reservoirs with large, consistent particle sizes.

Medium and fine weaves are ideal for smaller, heterogeneous sands.