AccuRite™ Two Dimensional Gap-based Wire Wrap Screen

AccuRite is a conventional two dimensional gap-based wire wrap screen manufactured by Absolute Completion Technologies Ltd. The space between the keystone shaped wire can be sized for sand control in oil and gas reservoirs with larger, relatively uniform particle size distributions.

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AccuRite 2-D gap based screen for reservoirs with larger and uniform particle size distributions.

AccuRite is formed by continuously wrapping and spot welding triangular or keystone shaped wire to a supporting metal grid of rib wires that is layered over perforated base pipe. AccuRite screens can be tailored to unique application requirements by selecting materials, gap width, length of base pipe and wire jacket. Rigid quality control standards ensure the highest quality screen with maximum strength, erosion resistance and screen geometry.


The Challenge

Sand produced into the wellbore can lead to catastrophic well failure, reductions in well productivity and damage to surface facilities. Well completion decisions must balance efficient sand control with optimum well productivity and require a sound knowledge of the reservoir characteristics and understanding how various sand control systems function to control sand.

In some oil and gas reservoirs, sand samples will reveal a relatively uniform particle size distribution and larger particle sizes that can be controlled with conventional two dimensional (2-D) screen techniques. 2-D gaps rely on particles forming stable bridges and arches across the gap as shown in A. These bridges allow fluid to flow through which holding back all but the smallest particles.

Changes in flow influenced by the addition of pumping for example can disrupt the stability of the bridges and arches. Some may not reform properly and result in larger particles becoming stuck in the gaps and blocking flow as shown in B. Plugging can lead to hot spots caused by localized areas of high flow rate fluids eroding the screen structure.


The Solution

AccuRite can be a cost effective and viable sand control option in consolidated reservoirs and where formations are relatively homogeneous with uniform particle size distributions. AccuRite screens are made with a continuous, uniform gap structure that can be sized to formation requirements. Proper gap sizing for the screen requires reliable and representative solids sampling and accurate particle size analysis.

Absolute’s custom engineered screen fabricating machines ensure precise tolerances essential to reliable screen performance. Our quality control standards ensure adherence to product specifications. We can respond quickly to custom order requirements for wells in most parts of the world.


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AccuRite Applications

AccuRite is best suited for relatively uniform sands with larger particle sizes. Screen materials and gap size can be customized to meet specific well applications, such as:

  • Support screen for gravel packs in high rate cased hole and open hole applications
  • Cased hole frac-packs
  • Stand alone screen in cased, or open hole wells
  • Thermal wells


Tailor the open flow area of the screen from 7-12%

Keystone shaped wire has a self-cleaning action for greater flow and lower chance of plugging

AccuRite screens are welded at each point of wire contact which protects the screen from separating when pushed or pulled during deployment

Easy and fast installation

Plugging resistant when appropriately sized

AccuRite Options Available

Corrosion resistant 304 or 316L stainless steel metallurgy promotes long life performance in harsh production environments

The continuous gap structure can be engineered for open flow area from 7% up to 12%.