Standard FacsRite with Temporary Wax Treatment Aids Deployment and Well Clean Up

FacsWax™ is a waxed FacsRite screen. The treatment seals FacsRite filter media discs which allows the sand control liner to be circulated, or floated to depth and prevents the filter media from being plugged.


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Standard FacsRite is treated with a factory applied WaxRite process.

The process involves coating and temporarily sealing the sand control elements that are flush mounted into base pipe. FacsRite media is made from conventional two dimensional premium screen media.  The wax treatment is tailored to the reservoir temperature and conditions. For very heterogeneous sands Tri-D FacsRite should be considered, and the same wax treatment can applied to create Tri-D FacsWax.

The Challenge

Deploying conventional screens into long laterals is difficult due to increased torque and drag, risk of getting stuck, and permanent formation damage. Conventional gap based screens generally lack the strength to push/rotate past tight sections. Adding a washpipe with seal assemblies to allow circulation through tight sections and cleanup of formation damage increases the torque and drag forces, as well as rig time and completion costs.


The Solution

Sealing the screen allows it to be either circulated without a washpipe or floated to depth, thus reducing torque and drag which is an important consideration for extended reach wells. FacsRite’s enhanced strength allows additional pushing/rotation to get past tight sections. Mud conditioning requirements are reduced because the disks are protected. After reaching TD the mud can be recovered for reuse and replaced with a completion fluid to minimize formation damage, making startup easier and quicker.
FacsWax gives operators a high performance sand control liner and the ability to:

  • Circulate the screen to depth
  • Eliminate the risk of filter media plugging
  • Circulate to TD inside the screen to remove debris from the toe and along the lateral without adding a circulation string assembly
  • Displace drilling fluids and spot a filter cake removal treatment
  •  Eliminate the need for drilling fluids conditioning and the associated rig time

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FacsWax Applications

FacsWax builds on the proven sand control capability of FacsRite and simplifies liner deployment and well clean-up for these applications:

  • SAGD and thermally stimulated wells
  • Remediation of wells with failed sand control systems, as FacsWax can be circulated to total depth of the original completion.
  • Open hole horizontal, deviated, and vertical wells in semi-consolidated or unconsolidated formations where aggressive drilling muds are required to prevent formation collapse but will plug conventional screens.
  • Injection wells where maximum open flow area and efficient sand control is required.

Cost Savings

  • Save rental and service costs on circulation string assemblies
  • Reduce make up time at surface
  • Reduce the number of cleaning trips needed
  • Minimize mud conditioning
  • Ensure reliable installation to depth with reduced friction forces and better wash down capability
  • Totally recover drilling fluids from the liner and open hole

Improve Production and Extend Well Life

  • Efficient well bore and filter cake clean up from the toe
  • Minimum formation damage along the lateral
  • Faster well clean up delivers optimum and earlier productivity

FacsWax Options Available

The wax treatment is tailored to most reservoir temperature and conditions.

A variety of screens can be treated with the patent pending WaxRite Process: