All-in-1: Fracturing, Sand, Inflow, Injection Control

FracFilter™ is an integrated fracturing control, sand control, flow control and injection control system installed as a well completion liner prior to stimulation. Fracturing port capability is integrated into the PremiumPort™ multi-position valve system. Changing the valve position allows ports to be closed or opened multiple times to enable stimulation and inflow control as the well ages. The valve is shifted reliably downhole as required using the Harrier™ tool run on coil or jointed tubing.

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FracFilter is a specialized PremiumPort completion tool designed to handle higher flow rates encountered while a well is being fractured

PremiumPort is a multi-position valve made of exotic alloys and special seals to handle the harshest conditions. FracFilter allows a well to be fractured with a PremiumPort which is set for the open position for fracturing. The valve can then be shifted to close the fracturing port and divert flow through the screen’s filter media, such as MeshRite, Tri-D FacsRite, or AccuRite, to allow proppant flowback control.


The Challenge

While fracturing a formation can significantly improve reservoir productivity, proppant flow-back creates the same well performance issues as the migration of formation sands. These issues include degradation of near wellbore permeability, screen erosion, and sand blocking well production when it enters the wellbore.

Conventional multi-stage fracturing systems cannot control the pressure and production profile along a lateral for either injection or production modes. They also limit the remedial work that can be performed within the wellbore to ensure each zone is producing to maximum efficiency.


The Solution

FracFilter is based on the PremiumPort valve system which is built with an integral fracturing port capability.

By shifting the valve position after fracturing is complete, formation sands and proppant are blocked from flowing into the wellbore, and additional ports can be opened, closed, or combined for injection and/or flow control.

Multiple FracFilter assemblies can be economically placed within a horizontal segment to allow initial as well as subsequent fracturing operations, as required.

  • The coil tubing actuated injection and inflow control valve system can be shifted multiple times.
  • While any sand control technology can be integrated with FracFilter, MeshRite™ screens offer 40% open flow area and have delivered superior well productivity and sand control in wells around the world.
  • New Tri-DPro, which utilizes Tri-D Weave technology, has similar performance characteristics to MeshRite but higher corrosion resistance.


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FracFilter Applications

Horizontal Wells

  • Manage steam injection and avoid breakthrough
  • Control water injection and prevent water coning that would impact oil production
  • Balance sand control, pressure profile and inflow control from toe-to-heel in long horizontal wells
  • Shut off non-producing sections of a formation
  • Block well sections damaged by erosion

Unconventional Reservoir Development

FracFilter is an ideal solution for unconventional reservoirs characterized by:

  • Low permeability carbonates, shales and sands
  • Use of multi-stage stimulation to access reserves

Conventional Reservoir Enhancement

Multi-stage stimulation technologies and tools currently used in unconventional reservoirs are also being applied to more productive and unconsolidated reservoirs to improve recovery. In such reservoirs, technologies like FracFilter are essential to allow for proper stimulation and production in:

  • Vertical/deviated wells with commingled zones of different pressures or permeabilities
  • Wells requiring acidizing, fracturing, frac-pack, or other stimulation


Fracturing After Well Completion

FracFilter allows operations to maximize production and intervention options available to stimulate the reservoir and increase permeability without increasing risks or compromising well life.

A Superior Sand and Proppant Control Completion

A well completed with FracFilter in combination with MeshRite has one of the most successful sand control technologies on the market, proven to maintain high near wellbore permeability, high open flow area, and high erosion and plugging resistance.

Dynamic Inflow and Injection Control

FracFilter includes all of the performance advantages of a dynamic inflow and injection control system. Additionally, it can be adjusted over the life of the well to optimize production.

FracFilter Options Available

Sand Control Options Available

The standard FracFilter configuration is integrated with MeshRite sand control; however, any sand control system or sections of blank pipe can be integrated with FracFilter depending on the application. The mechanical properties may change depending on the design.

Flow Control Options

Nozzles are supplied in various styles and orifice sizes:

  • Standard nozzles direct flow vertically through the nozzle for conventional oil and low flow velocity applications
  • SecureFlow nozzles are used for high temperature applications such as thermal, heavy oil production or steam injection
  • CrossFlow nozzles direct flow horizontally to reduce flow velocity into the liner and eliminate concerns about eroding coil tubing instrument lines, or erosion induced corrosion