Heavy Duty Liner Hanger Packer System

SuperSet™ is a full-bore, hydraulically-set and retrievable liner hanger packer based on Absolute’s SureSlip™ technology and engineered for moderate to heavy liner weights and deep wells.

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SuperSet provides maximum reliability and a universal design that eliminates unnecessary costs by reducing the need to procure different hanger designs and types for conventional oil or thermal applications. SuperSet’s unique retracting slip and dual cone design provides maximum fluid bypass for minimum pressure build-up on installation into sensitive formations.

Run with Absolute’s EXTrack™ running tool, the SuperSet packer is set at depth by applying differential pressure to the tie-back receptacle against the hanger’s snap-in running threads. Durable protected slips extrude over dual cones to provide maximum hanging capacity.

The Challenge

Most damage to liner hanger equipment can be attributed to:

  • Excessive set down force on the liner top during setting or production
  • Unsuccessful slip release on retrieval

Extra weight from the running string added to the liner weight can create excessive setting forces that dull, or break the slips and/or gull the casing. Conventional line hangers allow the slips to ride up the cone unabated. If excess pressure is applied to the liner top, the entire force is transferred to the slips and/or slip arms causing damage and liner failure. Release and retrieval of hangers is hampered by slips failing to deactivate thus requiring jarring, which can cause slip breakage and the need for fishing operations.


The Solution

SuperSet is designed for heavy duty applications with the SecureSlip opposed slip system that:

  • Assures safe positioning
  • Protects slips, casing and hanger
  • Eliminates the need for continuous jarring and the risk of accidental seal unset, or broken slips during the setting, retrieval, and manipulation of completion equipment

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SuperSet’s reinforced internal clutch system gets the liner to the desired depth. The system is manufactured from premium alloys to allow drill-down, or drill-in capabilities when combined with an Absolute bullnose and circulation system.


Pre and post-load stacks limit the maximum potential setting force transferred to the slips during setting. An integral ratchet system redirects energy stored by the liner’s seal element to promote proper slip placement into the casing.

Seal Activation

The SuperSet’s sealing element is set by excess energy passed through the top cone. As the sealing element compresses, the integrated ratchet latches the seal into place preventing any future manipulation from accidentally unsetting the seal.


The SecureSlip innovative slip release system with pre and post loading stacks enable safe and reliable liner retrieval. When pulled, the SuperSets’s slip design ensures that the slips are pulled off the cone sequentially, which reduces the pulling force required to remove the liner.

For more detailed information on SuperSet performance during deployment, set, activation and release, please download the brochure.

SuperSet Applications

SuperSet has been designed for deep wells with:

  • Moderate to heavy liners
  • Thermal stimulation
  • Liner drill-down applications used to clean up formation collapse
  • Liner drill-in applications to save rig trips

SuperSet is also ideal for sensitive formations where maximum bypass and minimum pressure build-up are needed to avoid formation damage during liner installation.


Easy, Safe Installation and Manipulation

  • Capable of both drill-down and drill-in operations
  • Integrated ratchet assembly holds the seal element in compression and unaffected by subsequent liner-top manipulation

Reliable Operation for Set, Release and Retrieval

SuperSet’s exceptional reliability, repeatibility, and ease of retrieval result from the unique SecureSlip setting and retrieving technology

  • The slips are shielded below protective jackets that prevent damage during conveyance and retrieval
  • An innovative Preload System limits the amount of set force transferred to the slips
  • Stored energy ensures both set of slips return to their housing on retrieval and remain in place during conveyance

Eliminate Costly Fishing and Service-Rig Operations

  • Sequential slip release relieves pressure on the slips during retrieval and reduces the required pulling forces.
  • Big bore – large bypass area with streamlined OD and retractable slips for minimum pressure increase on installation

SuperSet Options Available

The SuperSet Liner Hanger is supplied with an integral tie-back receptacle/setting sleeve that is available in variable lengths. Standard and Extreme seal designs are available in a variety of common bore sizes.

Standard H2S resilient seals employ a one piece expandable elastomer notched to form three distinct seal bodies. The notched design prevents the formation of s-curves that occur across longer sealing bodies which cause fluid bypass.

Extreme H2S seal design incorporates flexible metal back-ups that expand to the casing and form an additional extrusion barrier at the top and bottom of the sealing element for high pressure and high temperature environments.